Tarbertech provides personalized, professional service for your project using the latest web technologies

Tarbertech is a small development shop based in Raleigh, NC. Available for short-term telecommuting freelance, contract or consulting work.

With more than a decade of experience in many different web-based technologies and toolsets, we are able hit the ground running on your project and deliver quality results with a quick turnaround.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails







& much, much more...

sass emberjs MongoDB MySQL jquery

Database design

Analyze and define your data for optimal use. Using RDBMS's such as like MySQL and NoSQL offerings such as MongoDB.

API design

Build a consistent communication system so processes can talk to each other, and your customers can talk to you.

Client side

Development with HTML, Javascript, CSS, including libraries and framworks such as AngularJS, Emberjs, SASS and more.

Server side

Develop your business application with modern frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or node.js with Ember.js


We are familiar with agile and scrumm development practices, and working in a test driven development approach.


As remote workers, we are happy to communicate through any channel convenient for you: Email, IRC, HipChat, Flowdock, or video chat services like Skype or Google Hangouts.

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